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4-H clubs (1)
Abacus (2)
Abbey, Edward, 1927-1989 (2)
Abbeys (1)
Abbott, Bud, 1895-1974 (1)
Abhidharma (1)
Ability (1)
Abnormalities, Human (1)
Abolitionists (4)
Aboriginal Australians (4)
Abortion (8)
Abramović, Marina (1)
Absentee fathers (1)
Abused children (1)
Abused elderly (1)
Abused women (2)
Academic achievement (23)
Academic freedom (1)
Academic librarians (1)
Academic libraries (6)
Academic medical centers (2)
Academic writing (18)
Academy Awards (Motion pictures) (2)
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1)
Accent, Foreign (1)
Accents and accentuation (3)
Accessible Web sites for people with disabilities (11)
Accidents (2)
Acconci, Vito, 1940- (1)
Accounting (29)
Accreditation (Education) (1)
Acculturation (1)
Acetylcholinesterase (1)
Achievement tests (1)
Acid pollution of rivers, lakes, etc. (1)
Acid rain (13)
Acid-base chemistry (2)
Acid-base equilibrium (2)
Acids (1)
Acoustical engineering (1)
Acquisitions (Libraries) (3)
Acronyms (3)
Acropolis (Athens, Greece) (1)
Actions and defenses (5)
Active learning (1)
Activity programs in education (4)
Activity-based costing (1)
Actors (10)
Actuarial science (1)
Actuators (1)
Acupuncture (1)