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Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825

Designed to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the most cosmopolitan city, St. Petersburg, this is a lovely online exhibit on Russia's emergence as a modern empire that began with the fall of Constantinople in 1453 and continued unabated for three centuries. The exhibit itself was underwritten by the Boris Jordan Family, with additional support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation and the...

Sponsored by Britain's Virtual Teacher Centre (and underwritten by the National Grid For Learning), HistoryWorld contains over 400 separate historical articles and approximately 4000 events within its unique database. Visitors may begin by looking through the World History section, where it is possible to take any number of "tours through time," which essentially display a complete succession of...
International Institute of Social History

Located in the Netherlands, the International Institute of Social History (IISH), was founded in 1935, and is one of the world's largest documentary and research institutions in the field of social history. The institute's website has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first reviewed in the Scout Report on September 26, 1997, and now contains a host of new materials. Visitors with a strong...
Colonial House - PBS

Preview the newest installment in public television's hands-on history series, following Frontier House, Manor House, and 1900 House. Set in 1628, Colonial House will be broadcast in May. At the website, there are audio and video diaries in which the twenty-eight colonists from the UK and US give accounts of their experiences learning to live in 1628. Also provided is a map of the village and...
Historical Event Markup and Linking Project

A hallmark of the Internet is the opportunity it affords scholars and researchers to present information in novel and interactive ways. One such application that operates in this vein is the Historical Event Markup and Linking Project. The Project allows users to coordinate and navigate through historical materials on the Internet by giving them the ability to create animated maps, interactive...
History Detectives

Thinking about detectives in general makes most people's minds wander to thoughts of those rugged personages of television dramas or to the world of literature, with a lot of mucking about in dark alleyways or the sordid world of upper-crust intrigue and deception. PBS has elected to turn that perception on its head with its new program, History Detectives. This 10-part series is devoted to...
Historical Directories

Sometime you may find yourself wondering one of the world's eternal questions: How many cutlers were in Sheffield during the 1850s? Well, you might not be actively seeking the answer to that particular query, but this incredibly extensive digital library created by the University of Leicester may help you solve other related historical questions. This digital library contains a host of local and...
dMarie Time Capsule

Ten years ago, around the time the Scout Project was in its infancy, Bill Clinton was president, Mariah Carey was running up the pop music charts with the song Hero, and shows like ER and Friends remained popular with millions of Americans. You might ask how we found this all out, and if you guessed that we consulted the dMarie Time Capsule "On this Day in History" search engine, you would be...
The Tertullian Project

Despite the fact that he did not write a systematic theology, Tertullian remains one of the most studied early Christian theologians, and some have even called him the first Protestant. After converting to Christianity in the year 197, he became a formidable defender of the faith, and later became known for his many writings, most notably Apologeticus and Ad Nationes. This particular site is...
History Channel: Audio and Video

It’s perhaps a bit of a stretch of the imagination to think of a place that would include both a clip of Spiro Agnew speaking out on what he perceived to be the biases of television news coverage and some archival footage of Depression-era gangsters, but it’s all right here on the History Channel’s Audio and Video online archive. The speech archive is quite nice, and may prove to be both edifying...
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